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20 July 2009 @ 09:32 pm
A bloody Heaven 2  

 Title: A bloody Heaven
 Author: gazerockxyura 
 Pairing:Uruha x Reita
 Bands:the Gazette
 Rating: pg ( i think)
 Disclaimar: They are not mine
 Synopsis: Uruha is a lonely vampire.How will this boy help him?


Usually, when he was having a walk, the parks were empty but tonight it seemed that it was an exception.On a banch he saw a young man siting alone and it looked like he was thinking hard because he didn't noticed Uruha's presence.Uruha knew he shouldn't stay close to humans right now because of his condition but something strange pulled him in the direction of the young man.It was something about him...he had something special and that something was drowing Uruha to him.With slow steps, Uruha closed the distance between him and the bench on wich the boy was sitting but it still seemed that the boy didn't noticed his presence because he was in the same position.'Maybe he's asleep?'Uruha thought as he started to observe the boy.He looked tall, maybe not as tall as Uruha but it was hard to gues because he was in a siting position.His hair was blond but much shorter than Uruha's and his face was blocked by the long bangs.His head was hanging low and it was as if he was staring at the ground...maybe he was.He looked pretty actually a lot younger than Uruha judging by his clothes and his unseen face.

After some minutes of staring at the cute boy in front of him, he decided to him at least if he was ok, because it was pretty late and it started to be cold since it was the begining of the autumn.Of course he couldn't feel the coldness because he, himself was as cold as ice but the boy was wearing only a shirt and some large pants.

"Umm..anou..Are you ok?"he found himself asking but it looked like the man didn't heard him so he reached his hand to touch him hoping he would recive a response but before he had time to touch him, the boy's hand caught his wrist and he looked up at him as if he was some crazy man.'Wooe...his face is so pretty'

"Umm ...sorry I just wanted to see if you are ok...because it's late and it's pretty cold and you are wearing only a thin shirt and..."he waited for a respons and all this time his wrist was still in the firm grip of the boy's.

"Yeah...I'm Ok..and I'm not cold but...you...you are like an ice cube...Are you sure you are not cold?" the boy responded in a concerned voice.

'So..afterall he is ok' thought Uruha.

"I'm fine, don't worry!....Hmm...you seem lonley...do you want some company?I have nothing to do so..."Uruha didn't know why did he asked that .Actually the boy seemed nice but he still had that mysterious aura and he wanted to know what or how was this boy like.'Is he like others people?..or is he a vampire too?...nono that can't be posible...if he was a vampire I would have known by now...and come on Uruha....you know that not everyone who is out at this hour is a vampire'

"No...you can keep me company if you want...I don't mind it." Uruha was so deep in thought that he barely heard the boy speak, but he recovered soon enough to nod and to sit down on the bench next to the boy.

"By the way my name is Uruha.Nice to meet you." he extended his hand and the boy shook it while saying:

"Nice to meet you too.My name is Reita." They shook their hands more than necesary but after he let go Uruha asked:

"Soo..what are you doing here so late?It's 2 am. Weren't you suposed to be home sleeping?You look pretty tired.Are you ok?" 'OOps...what the hell are you thinking?Why did you asked him so many questions?' Uruha thought , but before he had time to think of others things Reita spoke:

"Ohh...don't you think you asked too many questions?"his tone was amused but his face was so serious "but don't worry, I'll answer your questions! First, I'm hrere because I don't want to be home with my parents and because I want to be alone and to think about what I have to do and yeah...I know it's 2 am .Second of all I'm allways tired and I don't sleep home verry much so no...I'm not suposed to be home....Ohh and you sounded like you were my parent ...you know...I'm not 5 years old" after he finished talking , Reita looked at Uruha with tired eyes but he was smiling.Uruha was without words because he didn't expected to have such answers from him.He was expecting something like "Well I just came froma friend's party and now I'm just staying here to take some air" or something between these lines but HEY not everybody was like he was when he was a teenager.Yeah it was true that he still looked leike he was 18 but since he became a vampie he did nothing from what he used to do.He simply disapeared when he was shoot, not like he wanted to disapear, and everybody thought he was dead.When he was a human he went almost everyday to parties but looks like the fun killed him ,well literarely killed him because he was still alive.

All the while Uruha was thinking, Reita watched him with interest and he was wandering if Uruha still wants to talk with him or not. Felling Reita's gaze on him, Uruha remebered that he still needs to say something, so he fought to think of something good.

"I'm sorry..I didn't want to ask you so many things and more than anything I didn't want to sound like your parents..."

"Don't worry!But you?..What are you doing here so late?"

"Well....i couldn't sleep and I came to take a walk...actually it's more peaceful when it's night" after some pause Uruha asked Reita "Hmm...hey Reita can I ask you something?"


"how old are you?again I don't want to seem like I'm your parents or something like that" hurried Uruha to say afraid that Reita will still think that he wanted to check on him.

"Heheh...don't worry...I was going to ask you the same thing...but you were fater.I'm 16..you?

"Well...I'm 18...not a big difference..nee?"

"Sure..and ...hmm..I don't know..how are you?...do you come ofetn here?

"Not really...actually I walk in every park that i find"

"Only at night?..I mean you walk only durin night?"

"Yes..usually I sleep during day" and after a long pause Uruha asked "Nee Reita-kun...why don't you like staying home?I know it's not my business but...I'm just curious"

"Heh...well...my parents actully are just some idiots.They screw each other everyday and they always forget that they have a son..and beside they just know to fucking tell me what to do...and they are dissapointed of me..as their son...and they make my life a living hell....they are just some pice of shit" Reita said all this with disgust but in the same time there was sadness in his voice and Uruha wandered what kind of parents are they.

"I'm sorry to hear that...I mean ...I'm sure you are a good kid...you look nice too me..what can you do so bad to make them dissapointed of you? as soon as this word leaved his mouth he regreted everything he said 'OOpps...again..what the fuck did I just said? I should just keep my mouth shut' "Look...I'm soory ..I didn't want to tell this" he said after he saw the sadness in the boy's face.Actually he looked much cuter when he was smiling.

"Don't worry...that's what i actually ask myself too...but looks like not every parent thinks like you...sometimes I just want to go and disapear cause I feel like nobody wants me..actully that's why I'm staying here at this hour." The sadness could be heard in his voice but his face was now hidden by his bangs so Uruha couldn't see his eyes or face.

Uruha felt bad about him and he regreted what he said so he spoke without thinking.

"Why don't you just come at my place?...I stay alone and my apartment is pretty big.If you want you can move in...all I do is to sleep and then i go out at night so I don't think it'll be a problem...sure just if you want"

Reita was shocked by what he heard..he just was invited by a stranger to live with him.

"I..I don't know what to say...I mean we barely know each other ..how can I trust you? well this was the true so Uruha shouldn't be so dissapointed

"I'm sorry...God what's wrong with me? I think you have a bad opinion about me...usually I don't do so many mistakes when I'm talking with someone..Look...I'm not trying to drag you home and rape you or something like that...and i know we barely know each other ..I was just trying to do something to show you that I'm sorry that I maked you sad...I don't have any bad intention...I swear" he said the last line smiling.

"O~k...don't worry..I think you seem nice enough to trust you...Well I'll be happy to move in with you...but I can't pay the bills and things like that , cause I don't have a job and I'm too little for this...How will I'll be able to thank you for this?" Uuha seemed to think for a while after responding

"You don't need to pay the bills or other things...you know?...and I won't let you work..you are too young and the only way to pay me this , is to be my friend...That's all...cause I haven't talked with somebody for 6 years...and I think that's the reason why I talked like this tonight"

"6 years?! what the fuck? how could you not talk with anybody?What happened?and ...wait..what?..how to not repay you with nothing?" Reita asked shocked but it looked like Uruha avoided his gaze when he suddnely spoke.

"C'mon..it's late already..you should sleep...wanna come at my place?If you want we will talk this tomorrow..and you wil take your things tomorrow...just if it's okey with you" Uruha's voice was so quiet that Reita wasn't even sure if he heard everything.'So...it seems that he doesn't want to talk about this..hmm?' thought Reita while following Uruha who started to walk in the direction of the park's exit.

o~k..I hope you liked it and i;m sorry it took so long...tell me if there are mistakes...and please tell me if i need a beta reader
thank you..and please comment.....
I didn't know it takes so long to copy from paper to comuter
ok..thanks for reading
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SakitoGrlsakitogrl on July 20th, 2009 07:09 pm (UTC)
Yay! *gives u hugs* It's comming along well!
gazerockxyuragazerockxyura on July 20th, 2009 07:57 pm (UTC)
whooo...thabk you very much for the comment!...well i hope it'll be better than this
SakitoGrlsakitogrl on July 20th, 2009 08:47 pm (UTC)
I just posted the prologue for a new fic. could u plz read it?
gazerockxyuragazerockxyura on July 21st, 2009 09:11 am (UTC)
sure..I'll read it..don't worry
(・ω・っ)З [小莉]: hold my handblack_fenrir on July 21st, 2009 05:59 am (UTC)
continue! yay!
gazerockxyuragazerockxyura on July 21st, 2009 09:12 am (UTC)
thank you for commenting!...I'll continue it
(Deleted comment)
gazerockxyuragazerockxyura on July 21st, 2009 10:16 am (UTC)
wha..thank you for the comment...i'll try to write as soon as posible